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We Have Lift Off  - July 16th, 1969

On a July morning, 32 minutes past the hour, a Saturn V rocket, generating nearly 8 million pounds of thrust, cleared the tower at Cape Canaveral (then named Cape Kennedy) sending the first humans to the Moon. The first and second stages of the Saturn V sent the command module into a low-Earth orbit in less than 12 minutes, travelling at 17,400 mph. Two and a half hours later, the third-stage rocket placed Apollo 11 on its path to the Moon. 

Neil Armstrong - Mission Commander 

Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin - Lunar Module Pilot

Michael Collins - Command Module Pilot

The actual landing took place on Sunday July 20th, 1969 after four days traveling in space.  So today is the anniversary of the launch, not the landing, just to clear any confusion. July 20th is considered a Moon Day holiday in some states. 

Pictures from my To The Moon And Back Life Magazine issue.

 -The mighty Saturn V launch up close.

 -Jan Armstrong raised a hand to ward off the bright morning sun and watched her husband’s spacecraft roar toward a rendezvous with the moon.

 -Journalists nearly 3,500 of them from the U.S. and 55 other countries watched in hushed and expectant awe as the Apollo rocket began its slow climb upward.